This week, Timnit Gebru, a prominent researcher in machine learning, the former co-lead of the Ethical AI team at Google, and the co-founder of Black in AI, gave a talk at the University of Chicago’s Center for Data and Computing Distinguished Lecture Series.

Academic researchers listen to a lot of…

The crowning achievement of a Ph.D. degree is the dissertation—a document that captures a coherent body of research that contributes to overall knowledge in a particular field.

To many Ph.D. students, a dissertation can sound daunting—it’s a long document (usually at least 100 pages, often approaching 200 pages) that encompasses…

More than 60 countries around the world perform some form of Internet censorship, according to reports from Freedom on the Net. Those numbers can often be much higher, depending on how censorship is defined, of course.

CS Ed Week, Virtual Edition for Lincoln Park High School.

To ensure that the Internet remains free and open for all people, our research…

Professor Nick Feamster was featured on WTTW Chicago Tonight last Wednesday evening discussing online content moderation. Watch the interview below (interview starts at 7:26), and read on to see Professor Feamster’s take on various questions posed by WTTW.

Is there any approach the companies can take that will satisfy both sides?

There seems to be widespread agreement that content moderation platforms are…

Perhaps you’re thinking of applying to Ph.D. programs in computer science. Before you decide to fill out all of those applications, I’d first encourage you to read my post on whether you need a Ph.D. in the first place.

If, after reading about the benefits (and drawbacks) of Ph.D. programs…

In a previous post, I offered some thoughts on how to write a winning research proposal. I aimed to gear that advice as much towards graduate students as faculty members, since there are many shared aspects to crafting a narrative for a research proposal and (say) a graduate fellowship application.

Nick Feamster

Neubauer Professor of Computer Science, University of Chicago. The Internet, research, running, & life.

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